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Introducing new formula to your baby

Some babies readily accept any formula being offered to them whilst others may refuse or take time to gradually transfer across. Slowly changing formulas is ideal when transitioning from one formula to another. A sudden switch to another brand or formula type can lead to fussiness, feed refusal and sometimes constipation.

Start by introducing one bottle with new formula at the first feed of the day or when your baby is particularly hungry.

Offering the new formula in the morning can reduce the risk of potential fussiness in the evening.

Substitute one bottle each day with the new formula, so over 5 – 6 days the baby has time to adapt to the new formula.

Avoid changing any other feeding associations such as; when you sit to feed your baby or changing the bottles or teats, as too many changes may cause confusion.

Common physical changes when transitioning formula

• Change in bowel motion, in particular the colour, frequency, odour and consistency
• May be more or less vomiting
• Change in weight, either more or less
• Changes in sleep and settling patterns, especially if the baby is taking different volumes than before
• Baby may have a different odour and their breath may smell different
• Baby may develop a rash, this warrants medical assessment

Since switching formulas too many times can cause digestive distress for your child, it is advised not to switch formulas too often. Instead, parents should do a considerable amount of research into formulas before choosing; this could include looking up reviews from other parents who experienced similar problems with a certain formula and then switched to another formula to resolve the problem. Parents can also get valuable advice from their child’s paediatrician or a midwife, who can provide recommendations for other formulas that could be tolerated better by your child.

Naturally, the final choice where formula is concerns lies with parents. Therefore, do not hesitate to take your research to the paediatrician and ask questions about the suitability of certain formulas for your little one. For example; you could print out the information on the Oli6 website, or another formula brand you have found, and take it to the paediatrician to see if it is a viable option. Of course, if you intend to switch formulas, do not forget that the brand you choose must provide a constant supply of the formula. Therefore, always choose a formula manufacturer within Australia, who can ensure that a constant supply of the formula is available to Australian parents.